Full Name: 
Michelle Tatiana Valdez

167 cm (5'6")

165 lbs (76 kg)

Centro Medico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Eye Colour:
Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Date of Birth: 
October 1, 1978 (38)

Maria (Mother), Isaac (Father), Josephine (Older Sister), Jennifer (Older Sister), Eli (Younger Sister), Alexander (Younger brother)

Dominican Republic, Canadian

Dominican Republic, Spanish, West African

Religious Affiliation:
Catholic (raised)


Known Education:
Cap Cana Heritage School
Ellengale Elementary School
Queenston Elementary School
Gordon Graydon Secondary School

Known Languages:
English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Known Academic Accolades:
Math Award (Gr 9-10)
Science Award (Gr 9-10)
Biology Award (Gr 11-12)
OSOTF Recipient
James H. Rattray Scholarship

Field of Study:
Life Sciences, Medical

None known.


Extra Notes:
Wears a wig, following her mother's example. 


Michelle is the middle girl of five children who emigrated from the Dominican Republic when she was 8 years old. She moved to Mississauga, with her family. 

Initially her accent is made fun of, as is expected by children around that age. She decides to compensate by being the smartest student in her class - and succeeds in that. Her teachers comment on her tenacity and work ethic. She overhears her parents discussing financials - and knowing she wouldn't be able to attend university without good grades. 

She succeeds in receiving several scholarships, and academic recognition to attend University of Toronto. She originally wants to attend McMaster, but stays near home for her family. 

While studying Life Science, she meets Jonathan Park. The two become romantically entangled during their studies, without interfering too much their grades. During her residency in Psychiatry, Michelle is one of the first women in Toronto to awaken her powers. 

Michelle discovers her telekinesis, and she is able to hide it until her now husband, Jon, discovers her playing around in the living room after she believes he's left for work. They agree to keep it a secret since they've both seen how people are treated once they're discovered to be awakened. Michelle begins working quietly in Sunnybrook Hospital in the psychiatric ward. 

After Canada and America's unsuccessful attempts to bring all lost "awakened" people back from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Michelle meets "Charlie", a medical officer who was one of the few to be recovered. Michelle makes a rash decision to confide in Charlie, and they form a bond. 

The two start funding, and begin Project Solace - a rehabilitation centre for people with powers, run by the Federal Government, and monitored by INTERPOL. 

After two successful years and several successful recovery and re-integration cases, Charlotte disappears. Michelle is left running intake by herself, raising two children at the same time.