Full Name: 
Lisa Andrea Williams (neƩ Nayar)

165 cm (5'5")

77 kb (170 lbs)

Queensway Hospital, Etobicoke, Ontario

Eye Colour:

Dark Brown

Date of Birth: 
April 24, 1987 (28)

Gita (Mother), Jay (Father), Andrew (Younger Brother), Margaret (Wife)


Indian (Gujarat, Bangalore)

Religious Affiliation:


Known Education:
Queenston Public School (JK-Gr 8)
Woodlands Secondary School (Gr 9 - Gr 12)
Humber College : Police Foundation
Seneca College : Advanced Investigations and Enforcements

Known Languages:
English (fluent), French (basic), Hindi (intermediate)

Known Academic Accolades:
Silver Medallion (High School)

Field of Study:
Law Enforcement


Boxing, Martial Arts (Jiu-Jitsu), Acrobatics

Extra Notes:
Against better judgement, has a collectable sports car, and a motorcycle - and pays too much for parking regularly.



Lisa is the first Canadian-born child of an immigrant Indian family. She grew up in a developing part of Mississauga, known for its higher Indian population so she and her family felt more involved with their culture and heritage. 

She often stood up to bullies at her school, often pushing the boys into mud when they would pick on the girls. She was often reprimanded but never academically penalized since the faculty realized she was protecting her smaller classmates. 

When she as 8, a boy had enough of her standing up and punched her square across the face - resulting in his suspension, and her drive to continue standing up for the smaller students. 

When she was ten, a female police officer came to visit her school to talk about her work - and Lisa made the decision that she wanted to do the same thing. 

This decision caused tension amongst her family who expected her do almost anything except become a police officer, however her hard work and perseverance proved to them they couldn't do anything about it. 

After a lot of hard work and many years, Lisa became Detective Constable, one of the youngest, in the Ontario Police Patrol - something she soon learned was a fairly low key job since Toronto had very little in the way of heinous crimes. She worked her way into the Gangs Unit, so she could see if she could prevent crimes from happening. 

She came across the anti-powers movement through the Gang Unit, and learned that she may have gotten more than she bargained for. However this didn't stop her from investigating as thoroughly as she could. The Anti-Powers Movement spoke deeply against people who had awakened with super powers - but didn't do anything outwardly illegal - which made it difficult to charge. 

The investigation came to a screeching halt when Lisa's apartment was raided by unknown assailants - resulting in her awakening her super powers. 

She is brought to Project Solace to recover and henceforth work for Dr. Valdez as a security officer.