Full Name: 
Charlotte Vivian Henderson

175 cm (5'9")

71 kg (157 lbs)

Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, ON

Eye Colour:

Dirty Blonde
Carmine (Dyed)

Date of Birth: 
February 3, 1985 (31)

Jeanette (Mother), Stephen (Father), Marie (Younger Sister)


English, French

Religious Affiliation:
Catholic (raised)


Known Education:
Keswick Public School
St. Thomas Aquinas CES
Royal Military College

Known Languages:
English (fluent), French (Fluent)

Known Academic Accolades:
Gold Medallion
Governor General's Award

Field of Study:
Medicine, Military

Guitar (basic), Horse Grooming

Soccer (High School)

Extra Notes:
Is openly asexual/aromantic, much to her family's dismay.


Charlotte, or "Charlie" was raised outside Newmarket, Ontario in the small town of Keswick. Keswick is a bilingual town, and growing up Charlotte speaks fluent French as a result. 

She was a smart student all through high school, and when the "awakenings" started, she decided to devote her life to the military - who she believed to be doing the right thing at the time. 

She has conflicts between becoming a Doctor or the army, and learns that the Army will pay for her schooling studying at the Royal Military College - which she does. She does not enjoy her time there, but believes she's doing the right thing. 

She is sent to Turkey to fight insurgents who are kidnapping "awakened people" alongside the 1st Battalion, of the Royal Canadian Infantry.

She is taken captive within the first month, and kept captive for six months until the 2nd Battalion, Captained by Danielle Jupiter, rescues her. She is found with terrible facial wounds, and otherwise tortured. She tests positive to being "awakened" with her own powers. 

In hospital she meeds Dr. Michelle Valdez, who is treating her for post-traumatic stress disorder, and she brings up her plan to help women. The two start funding for Project Solace within a year, with government support. After two successful years, Charlotte suddenly disappears. 

A few months after her disappearance, a video is released on the web where Charlotte threatens the government and their experiments on vulnerable people - and says The Matriarchs will not stand idly by.