Full Name: 
Alexandria Danielle Wolfe

188 cm (6'2")

73 kg (162 lbs)

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Eye Colour:

Terracotta Brown

Date of Birth: 
October 17, 1996 (19/20)

Lauren (Mother), Frank (Father), Abigail (Older Sister), Hannah (Younger Sister)


French Canadian, Russian, United Kingdom

Religious Affiliation:


Known Education:
The Giles School (JK- Gr 7)
Bishop Strachan Boarding School (Gr 8-Gr 12) 
Ontario College of Art and Design, University (Bachelor)

Known Languages:
English (fluent), French (fluent), Mandarin (basic)

Known Academic Accolades:

Field of Study:
Technical Illustration, Industrial Drawing



Extra Notes:
Has every novel about Warrior Cats



Alex is currently attending Ontario College of Art and Design, University - for Industrial Design, and Technical Illustration. Thankfully, her schooling budget allowed her to live nearby in the Grange Apartments with her current partner - David Fairfield.

Alex does not have an academic desire, rather she finds drawing and illustrating interesting. However to please her parents, she found the more academic side of illustration - doing technical art for industrial design. She finds time to paint in watercolour for herself - doing landscapes. 

She is not an athletic person, and has very little inclination to exercise for fitness. She does own a bicycle to get around town in, but her parents and younger sister think she's "insane" and "trying to get herself killed".

She is an adamant transgender and gender identity rights activist, something her parents and older sister don't quite have a grasp on yet. She labels herself as queer, but specifics about her sexuality she keeps to herself.


Alex is the middle child of three daughters to the prestigious Wolfe Family of Toronto Ontario. The Wolfe Family isn't particularly well-known or famous for their accolades, however they own a fair amount of land and businesses across the city. 

Alex's older sister Abby is four years her senior, and is currently working as a Litigation Associate, and has a younger sister, Hannah, who is studying at Bishop Strachan Boarding School. 

Alex's bond with her younger sister is very strong, and they frequently talk about their issues and work together to get passed them. She is not very close to Abby, since they have so little in common. Abby is very career-minded, whereas Alex has been described as having her head in the clouds. Alex is also a solid six inches taller than both of her sisters, a result of looking more like their father, whereas Hannah is a mix of both parents, and Abby, their mother.


Alex reports having a repeating nightmare, where she is drowning in the ocean surrounded by icebergs. She believes it to be anxiety with finals coming up. 

Alex has been brought to Project Solace because of a reported incident that occurs at her apartment on McCaul where her powers awakened during a nightmare she has.